Our Partners

Mobileye N.V. is the global leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. Its systems offer multiple lifesaving features in a single bundle, empowering drivers to mitigate and avoid collisions while improving driving behaviour.

Afcon group is a leading System Integration company with extensive expertise in the fields of civil engineering, control and automation and telecomm solutions. 

MyCity360, a parking solutions and technology provider, has developed “MyCity360 Smart Parking Platform” an IoT enabled technology, provides mobile sensing systems, improving the level of service while optimizing the city workforce and revenues.

CymbIOT develops solutions to help integrate and manage large-scale IoT and VMS networks and deployments. They offer a deployment solution of the most complex sensor networks via a single rapid process, integrating all product-line systems.

Aquarius Spectrum provides advanced leak detection solutions for water loss reduction, burst prevention, pipe condition assessment, optimizing maintenance & operational costs, based on their patented (?) acoustic sensors.

Emnotion specializes in climate security software solutions, enabling the creation of accurate behavior models and event forecast for each street, city, district or region, taking into account the environmental, climate and other factors. 

Sowillo develops an intelligent thermo-solar water heating system for high rise buildings, which adapts to its user's needs and enables selling hot water at competitive prices. Their solution is based on weather and consumption prediction technologies, and optimized machine learning.

Our Partners

RadCub develops a multi-channel radar technology enabling effective detection and classification of airborne targets in versatile weather conditions (fog, snow, storm, etc.). The sensing system is Sensor-Fusion enabled, extending the abilities of the overall solution.

SayVU’s solutions help minimize the response time of emergency services and first responders, and ensure delivery of effective immediate assistance to the user/client by promoting situational awareness solutions in an integrated platform.

RadGreen’s smart Enviro-system consistently monitors air quality, noise, and radiation parameters. It also tracks activity in buildings and Smart Cities, while delivering real time alerts and conducting complex statistics, in an effort to create autonomous smart buildings.  

SenseMode develops and produces modular monitoring and remote control solutions, offering real time manipulation of single or complex systems. Their solution can be implemented in existing infrastructures and provide comprehensive data on any parameter measurable by electronic sensors. 

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